Hi there!  My name is Tracey and in 2011 I was diagnosed with a 7 pound sarcoma in my leg that ultimately metastasized to my left lung. The tumors were removed and I eventually made a full recovery, but not without a lot of radiation and time off my feet. Ultimately, I was never the same and I lost the majority of the use of my leg except being able to walk.

In 2015, my leg broke as I was walking out of my office. It simply shattered. The radiation therapy had taken its toll on my bones and they had become too weak to support my weight.

The bones in my leg have never healed fully; I lost an inch of length in my left leg, I am unable to bend my knee more than 25°, I require a crutch to get around anywhere, and this summer I am scheduled to have my leg amputated.

The goal of this blog is to grow, learn and ultimately a year from surgery, run again!  I want to share what I’ve learnt, share my story, and show people that whatever actual limitations your body may have, they are not insurmountable.